Ministry Team

Pastors Wayne and Chris Clarke are the co-founders and leaders of His Dwelling Place Ministry. They have pastored and worked in ministry for over 25 years, and serve on the boards of many prominent and influential christian ministries. They are both sought-after speakers with many years of ministry wisdom and leadership experience.

With his decades of experience in submarines as a U.S. Naval officer and 25 years of service as a senior pastor, Pastor Wayne leads with Godly authority, yet has the heart of a father. With his practical life experience in the Navy, he is skilled at giving insight in to how to engage in Spiritual Warfare. His passion is to inspire fellow believers to gain victory over areas of oppression, such as Bitterness, Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Pastor Chris is a strong yet gentle leader, whose teaching on the Mother’s Blessing is deep with the revelation and honesty of one whose own soul has been wounded by a parent. Her ability to impart God’s truths simply and elegantly makes her teaching topics of Deaf and Dumb Spirit, Unbelief, Soul Ties, Vows and How to Use the Arsenal unforgettable.

Pastor Dewayne & Annette Williams are a vital part of this ministry. Dewayne served as senior pastor at a local church for 12 years and is well known in San Diego County for speaking to Bible groups and meetings, including Aglow International chapters, where he served as an advisor. His teaching topics — Self-Bitterness, Rejection, Jezebel Spirit, and Occult and Pharmakeia — are eye-opening, as he reveals how God desires to set His children free.

Annette is a dedicated and loyal support staff member.  Her experience in the world of publishing has gifted her to gather and structure information for the ministry’s written materials and website content.  Dewayne and Annette are the authors of “Breaking the Chains of the Occult and Pharmakeia.”

Earl & Vilma Clampett  are a valued and needed part of His Dwelling Place.  Earl is a retired administrative law judge, author and graduate of Life Pacific College with a degree in theology.  His impactful teachings on the subjects of Thy Kingdom Come, Fear and The Walkout find their source in a miraculous deliverance by God from emotional and physical devastation.  Earl is fluent in Spanish and served as the Sunday Spanish Service Chaplain at the George F. Bailey Detention Center for more than 10 years.   He is the author of “God’s Got a Problem on His Hands” and “The Blueprint.”

Vilma is a prayer warrior and brings additional insight and wisdom to the ministry.  Her time in prayer has brought specific direction to His Dwelling Place.  She served for more than 35 years as a Spanish interpreter in the state and federal court system.

Dean & Audrey Nygaard offer an astounding testimony of their journey in restoring a troubled marriage. With a presentation that is both heartbreaking and humorous, they give everyone hope for their own damaged relationships.  Dean teaches the topics of Generational Curses (includes bastards curse), and The Walk-Out from the point of view of one who intimately knows the God who can conquer every enemy.

 Audrey is an anointed teacher who presents the Physiology of Disease class in terms everyone can understand. She gained a deep understanding of God’s ability to heal as He brought her through the challenges of cancer and the resulting complications of immune system disruption and severe allergies.