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Biblical Principles to Freedom presents unique and in-depth topics taught by our leadership team.

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Spiritual Warfare

The first and foundational topic of our teaching series entitled Biblical Principles To Freedom (BPTF) is on Spiritual Warfare.  Whether you know it or understand it, the truth is that all mankind is in a spiritual battle.  If you don’t believe it, we invite you to look at all that is going on in the world right now.

The purpose of this teaching is to define the problem/situation including your role in the battle.  Additionally, we want you to be encouraged by the fact that you are part of the solution to achieve victory for yourself personally.  As you gain personal victory you then become part of God’s army in bringing about the ultimate victory He brings to mankind.  Our goal in presenting BPTF is that you learn how to defeat the enemy and win the victory.

Thy Kingdom Come

Our second teaching, Thy Kingdom Come, is also foundational to support the rest of the topics presented in our seminar.  Our understanding is that God is moving in a “kingdom” fashion, not a “denominational” fashion in establishing His reign on the earth.

When you pray “Thy kingdom come” in the Lord’s prayer, do you imagine the kingdom to be a place or a form of government?  If you believe the word “kingdom” to be only a place, then your thinking reflects a Greek/Western linear perspective.  If you think of “kingdom” as a mobile government, then you are praying the prayer more as a cyclical thought of the Middle Eastern Hebrew. The two are not the same.

Our Heavenly Father selected the Hebrew nation/culture through which to reveal Himself and His blueprint plan to mankind.

In Genesis chapters 1 and 2, God set up the interpersonal blueprint between Himself and mankind so that man would live forever.  This established man’s role with God to rule and reign over the earth.  We do not see where God has ever changed His mind.

Hear God’s plan outlined using only five words, beginning with the same letter.   Come take a circular/cyclical journey with us to learn of our Father’s restorative plan to fulfill His original, never-changing blueprint for life, fulfillment, and rest in Him.


Bitterness is the first “topic/area” of warfare we teach.  Bitterness is relatively simple compared to the other areas (principalities).  If you understand the principles of fighting Bitterness you can apply these same principles to the other areas.

All of our bitterness issues come back to three relationships in our lives: (1) between you and God (2) between you and others (3) between you and yourself.  If you are messed up in any one of these relationships in your life, you are in fact messed up in the other two.  We want you to find the hurt and pain in your life, determine the cause, and remove it.  We minister around a determined (found, revealed) break in relationship.


Self-Bitterness uses many spiritual weapons that cause us to hate, torment, feel bitterness and unforgiveness toward ourselves, and may lead to causing ourselves bodily harm and even committing suicide. In Romans 7:23, Paul explains that man is not struggling against himself, but against two kingdoms that are warring inside him.

The Self-Bitterness spirit gains a foothold in those who believe they are unworthy, not loving themselves as Jesus commanded when He said, “…Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” (Matthew 22:39) (KJV)

His Dwelling Place Ministries’ teaching on Self-Bitterness explains how Satan seeks to keep Christians from being effective for God’s kingdom, and offers biblical solutions about how to break free from the enemy’s lies.


Is fear making you sick?  Anxiety, stress, and worry are the words the medical community uses for fear.  Did you know that fear is not only an emotion but is also a spirit?

For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.  2 Timothy 1:7 KJV

The list of diseases caused or aggravated by fear is extensive. The long-term goal of the enemy is to afflict you with fear, make you ill, and eventually take you out.  Since fear is also a spirit, to defeat it, one must combat this spiritual root with a spiritual solution.

Come take a victorious journey with the Lord to learn how to battle and win this spiritual struggle with His perfect spiritual cure.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment.  He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 1John 4:18 KJV

As you progress, enjoy the emotional and physical release from fear-based torment and affliction.  Small victories will eventually lead to great triumph.


A Biblical definition of the “Occult” includes any belief or practice that resists or opposes the law of God, comes against God’s word, or interjects itself between mankind and God. Any time we substitute something from the enemy that should come from God, it is defined as occult.  Paul warns in 1 Corinthians 10:19-23 that some practices may not specifically be against God’s law, but that they may bring us into fellowship with demons.

The Greek word “pharmakeia” is one of four words translated in the New Testament as “sorcery or sorceries.” Its root meaning is “druggist, poisoner or giver of potions,” and is where today’s word “pharmacy” comes from.

Taking medication is often necessary to sustain health and life, but be aware that many times medication covers or masks an underlying spiritual problem that we need to deal with. For example, medical professionals say that more than 80% of all heart and artery problems are due to stress, fear and anxiety — all of which have spiritual roots.


Sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, Dean and Audrey talk about how applying the principles taught in these sessions saved their lives and saved their marriage.

Audrey, a breast-cancer survivor, was doing everything she could holistically and getting sicker by the minute.  She was allergic to virtually everything.  She was consumed with bitterness, and fear was a constant torment.  Within one week of applying these principals, she was set free from all allergies and medications, and learned how to conquer the Bitterness and Fear that had plagued her life.

Dean was on a pathway of self-destruction, and had done pretty much everything to ensure that their marriage was destined for destruction as well.  But instead of enduring the heartbreak of divorce, Dean and Audrey share how applying these principles gave them the building blocks to create a fresh, new marriage.

Physiology of Disease Pt. 1

Is it possible that instead of your body “betraying you” with cancer, arthritis – or some other debilitating chronic disease – is it instead doing exactly what you’re telling it to do?  Are your body’s sicknesses possibly connected to anger?  Fear?  Bitterness?  In this dynamic, two-part session, Audrey Nygaard shares her own dramatic story of how she became free from multiple chronic illnesses – virtually overnight – by recognizing the very real spiritual roots of her diseases.

Audrey teaches – in language that everyone can understand – how God’s truth in scripture is connected to the physiology in our own bodies.  Medical research confirms that over 80% of chronic diseases are linked to how and what we think.  Audrey connects medical facts with scriptural truth, and reveals how you can make your body work for you, instead of against you!

Physiology of Disease Pt. 2

Is it possible that instead of your body “betraying you” with cancer, arthritis – or some other debilitating chronic disease – is it instead doing exactly what you’re telling it to do?  Are your body’s sicknesses possibly connected to anger?  Fear?  Bitterness?  In this dynamic, two-part session, Audrey Nygaard shares her own dramatic story of how she became free from multiple chronic illnesses – virtually overnight – by recognizing the very real spiritual roots of her diseases.

Audrey teaches – in language that everyone can understand – how God’s truth in scripture is connected to the physiology in our own bodies.  Medical research confirms that over 80% of chronic diseases are linked to how and what we think.  Audrey connects medical facts with scriptural truth, and reveals how you can make your body work for you, instead of against you!

Deaf & Dumb | Unbelief | Soul Ties

Jesus rebukes the deaf and dumb in Mark: “…thou dumb and deaf spirit, I charge thee, come out of him, and enter no more into him.” Mark 9:25 KJV

In the book of John, Jesus says: “He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them.” John 12:40 KJV

Clearly there is some kind of a spirit that can cause us to not see or hear truth.  It can cause spiritual deafness, an inability to understand the word of God or hear his voice.  When this spirit is in operation revelation from God is not present.  This same spirit is connected to learning disorders such as ADD, Dyslexia, and difficulty concentrating.  Is it possible that our enemy would have something in his arsenal that would war against the messages of God?  He does and it is called the deaf and dumb spirit.  Unbelief is the result of not being able to hear or understand truth.  Learn to deal with it in this session.


Soul Ties

You won’t find the words soul tie in scripture.  What you will find are terms like souls being “knit together” or “becoming one flesh”.  We are three part beings made in the image of God who is made up of three parts known as the Godhead.  He is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We are made body, soul, and spirit.  Our soul consists of our mind, our will, and our emotions.

Godly soul ties will be formed through marriage and healthy relationships like Jonathan and David (1 Samuel l8:1).  Ungodly soul ties can be formed through abusive relationships, sex outside of marriage, obsessive entanglements with another person (co-dependency) as well as through rape, molestation, or sexual abuse.  This session gives you indications of an ungodly soul tie and walks you through breaking it.

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”

John 8.32 NKJV


Traumas are wounds that have happened to our bodies and minds.  They can be traumatic, one-time events or they can be situations that wear us down over time.

During a traumatic event our five senses (taste, touch, sight, sound, and smell) lay down in our brain permanent memories of the trauma (danger).  You may not be conscious of the memory and it may use as few as one sense to as many as five senses.

Our tactic here is to: (1) Disconnect from enemy spiritual powers, (2) Release of our physical body.


Feeling rejected is one of the most devastating of all human emotions, yet these feelings are often without a basis in reality.

On one hand, the Spirit of Rejection will remind us of our desperate need to be loved and accepted. Then, it tries to convince us that no one could ever love us, not even God. Ultimately, Rejection will put prison walls around us that will repel acceptance, even when someone offers it to us.

Shame and guilt result from Rejection, persuading us that we are not good enough and that we will never be good enough. When we agree with the Spirit of Rejection, we agree with the enemy’s lies and call God a liar.

Generational/Bastards Curse

Is it possible that something your great-grandparents did is impacting your life in a negative way?  Not only is it possible, it’s probable!  There are several references in the Bible about “…punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation.”  (Ex. 20:5, Ex. 34:7, Num. 14:18, Deut. 5:9)  What the Bible calls Generational Curses, contemporary science calls Epigenetics.

Follow along as we take a look at two families – one Biblical, one contemporary – to see what Generational Curses look like, how to identify them in your family, and how to break the stranglehold on you and your family for the generations to come!

Jezebel Spirit

Jezebel was not only a real person whose life is documented in the Old Testament account of Queen Jezebel and Israel’s King Ahab, the “Spirit of Jezebel” is the name given to the spirit that influenced her. Although her story in First and Second Kings is relatively short, her legacy remains strong.

Although Jezebel’s name has become synonymous with sexual sin, this spirit is about control, but may use sensual or sexual schemes to achieve that control. It is often more prevalent in women but is not restricted to that gender. There is no question that Jezebel functions just as skillfully through men as women.  Those who are influenced by a Jezebel spirit are controllers and are almost always motivated by insecurity. Not everyone who is insecure has a Jezebel spirit, but people who are influenced by a Jezebel spirit go beyond simple insecurity by criticizing others while trying to elevate themselves.

Envy & Jealousy

This is a principality that enters primarily through comparison and competition.  It is a stealth spirit that ties itself to bitterness with the ultimate result being murderous thoughts and plans.  Can you see the word steal in stealth?  It can slip in unnoticed and often takes us by surprise.  The spirit can have two sides.  It can operate through us with one becoming bitter because of someone else’s good fortune or we can become the target of such an attack.

Learn ways in which this spirit operates by studying examples in scripture. See pride rear its ugly head in the story of Mordecai and Haman, and rebellion cause the first church split in the story of Korah and Moses.  Take action to defeat this entity through specific prayer

Sea Stories

In the seminar Pastor Wayne illustrates how God works in out lives by telling some personal experiences that he calls “Sea Stories.”  He jokes that Jesus taught in parables to illustrate “spiritual” things from life experiences.  Therefore he uses “sea stories” to do the same thing.

Pastor Wayne shares real life events that have occurred throughout his life.  Some “sea stories” demonstrate how God had His hand on Pastor Wayne long before he knew God personally.  Pastor Wayne has a story telling gift that you will find entertaining as well as poignant.

The Walk-Out, Part A

Learning “Christian Principles of Freedom” is potentially life changing. However, we need to transition from just knowing theory to implementing the amazing power of God in living our lives moment by moment.  This part of the program is extremely important in that all that you have learned, including the recommendations and suggestions, work only when they are put into practice.

The walk out program teaches pragmatic, step by step techniques in how to make the learned principles come to life in your daily personal life.  These practical “walkout” steps instruct you into how to appropriate God’s victory for yourself and how to hang on to that victory.

The Walk-Out, Part B

So, you’ve listened to all of the teaching sessions and you’ve prayed along with the prayers.  Now what?  The “next step” is by far the most important:  Applying these principals and truths to your life!  But what does that look like?  In this session of the Walkout, you’ll learn the very practical, day-to-day “how to” part of this ministry.

We also explore “blocks” to healing:  what are the things that get in our way and keep us from making breakthroughs?  We will teach you how to recognize these obstacles and then obliterate them! The Walkout reveals the secrets of how to live the rest of your life in freedom!

Father's & Mother's Blessing

In many homes today we seldom hear a parent ask for forgiveness for real or perceived offenses.  During this session much healing occurs when Pastor Wayne and Pastor Chris assume the role of a parent and ask for forgiveness for specifics.  In many families today, words of love and encouragement and acceptance are rarely heard.  A father’s role in a child’s life is to protect, provide, and give identity.  A mother’s role is to teach, train, and nurture.

We are often left to figure things out on our own.  Blessings must be spoken out loud, therefore a spoken blessing is given to all who hear this message.

Spirit of Religion

There are many spirits of religion: Christian, non-Christian (Muslim, Hindu, etc.), corporate (denominations, groups) and individual.  Our goal is to help you recognize, then to defeat/counter this binding spirit.  Our understanding is that God is not trying to create people who are religious, His goal is to bring men and women into a relationship with Himself.  He is about relationships far more than man’s doctrinal beliefs.

How to Use The Arsenal

This item is exactly what it is named.  It is a weapon against the enemy.  It is a tool to be used in the Walk-Out process.  It can be used by one person for themselves, a twosome or a group of people. can use it to work through strongholds and receive breakthrough.

Included with The Arsenal is a DVD of instruction on how to use it.  A PDF file is available for the intake form which is also a tool to be used.  This Arsenal came about through the intervention and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.