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We are honored to be serving and building up the Kingdom of God along with these other ministries and individuals.   Be sure to check back to this page frequently to see what events we have going on.

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Hosted by Red Seal Ministries

Saturday August 19, 2017

Time: 9AM-4:30PM

Cost: $20/PERSON

(Lunch included only with pre-registration)

We are living in unprecedented times. Scripture teaches that there will be no longer Jew nor Gentile, but rather One New Man in Messiah. How will the Father roll out this divine mystery? Come see the unveiling of God’s restorative plan to unite all His people back to the Father in a One New Man in Messiah Movement starting right here in San Diego!

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WHERE: Clairemont Christian Fellowship                                               4570 Mt. Herbert Ave, San Diego, CA 92117

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Andy & Gunilla Glover

Outbreak Weekend!!

August 4th – 6th, 2017

Friday, Aug. 4 @ 7pm; Saturday, Aug. 5 @ 6pm

Sunday, Aug. 6 @ 2pm

Andy and Gunilla are the international Directors of Revival to the Nations. They minister extensively throughout the USA and other parts of the world.

They went into full-time Ministry in 1985 and since then, they have ministered in over 40 different nations, pioneered churches, led bible schools, ministered at conferences, and have been involved in multi-media.

Their dream is to be a church that is filled with the Spirit, Loving His Presence and giving it away to those around us. Come and join us for an amazing encounter with God.


Hosted by: Cloud 9 Worship Center

WHEN: August 4-6, 2017

Friday, Aug. 4 @ 7pm; Saturday, Aug. 5 @ 6pm

Sunday, Aug. 6 @ 2pm

WHERECloud 9 Worship Center

8498 Paseo Iglesia, Spring Valley, CA 91977

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Beach Chapel

Encinitas, CA

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Bill & Carol Dew

Dewnamis Ministries

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Cloud 9 Worship Center

Spring Valley, CA

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Dr. Caroline Leaf

Author, Neuroscientist, Speaker

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Dr. David Levy

Neurosurgeon & Author

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Red Seal Ministries

San Diego, CA

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Wellspring Ministries

Anchorage, Alaska

Dr. Caroline Leaf

One New Man in Messiah